Vol. 19 No. 1 (2024)
Issue Description

Dear Reader,

As we reflect on 19 years of publication, we are filled with pride in the legacy built by generations of authors, editors, and peer-reviewers. Each passing volume is testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of our undergraduate peers, who continue to be at the forefront of scientific research.

Featured in this issue is an investigation into the safety of orthopaedic implants during rocket liftoffs. The authors were driven by the rise of space tourism and the growing potential for passengers with implants. We believe this embodies the remarkable spirit of undergraduate researchers, who not only anticipate the future but also work hard to improve it.

With the privilege of leading our brilliant team, comes the responsibility of honouring the legacy of our journal. This year, we strengthened our efforts to engage students in new ways, including running a research seminar and joining the journal collection into McGill University’s institutional library. We hope these initiatives inspire more curious students to conduct their own research projects in their quests for knowledge, innovation, and progress.

We present to you the 19th volume of the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal, enclosing ten research and review articles authored by undergraduates across several universities. The science they cover is expansive, from immunology to astrophysics, and we hope their insights will inspire you to think of all the discoveries and changes that lie ahead.

On behalf of our entire editorial board, we wholeheartedly thank you.

Laura Reumont & David Derish

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