General Questions

What is MSURJ? The McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal is an annual publication that features original undergraduate research in the form of scientific articles.

How often is it published? MSURJ is published once a year in early April. However, manuscripts are accepted year-round and articles may be published online in advance of the issue.

How can I get involved? Undergraduates can become involved with the journal by joining our team, submitting a manuscript, or reader published articles. For details on how available positions or how to publish in MSURJ, please visit the relevant sections of our website, msurjonline.mcgill.ca.

What is the MSURJ Blog? The MSURJ Blog, titled The Abstract, is our general-interest weblog for the public. It can be found here.

Who supports MSURJ? We are wholly funded by university groups, including the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Science Undergraduate Society, as well as several other departments and student societies. A full list of contributors for the current academic year can be found here

Where can I get a copy of MSURJ? You can find the PDF format of our current issue and all of our back issues at this link. We also publish a number of paper copies each year, which are distributed in McGill libraries, at our annual launch in April, at various tabling events throughout the year.

When and what is the launch? The physical copy of MSURJ debuts each year at a wine and cheese launch held in early April. This is normally held at the Thompson House or in the Bellini Atrium. 

Author Questions

How can I publish in MSURJ? Articles may be submitted any time. Received articles undergo double-anonymous peer review by 2-3 scientists at the faculty or graduate level in the relevant field, and 2-3 rounds of copy-editing by members of the MSURJ board. Articles are returned with either acceptance or rejection justified by peer review and editor commentary, and authors are to make revisions accordingly. Final proofs are presented to authors just prior to publication. 

What kind of articles do you accept? MSURJ is a scientific journal that primarily publishes original undergraduate research which presents novel findings by an undergraduate student. We also accept reviews, again requiring originality and the presentation of novel insights. Research relating to any science, meaning the systematic, evidence-based pursuit of understanding or application of any phenomenon, is accepted. For more information, see our submission guidelines

How should I format my article? Our detailed submission guidelines can be found here. In brief, articles must be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .tex format, and they should be no longer than ~4000 words (not including the title, abstract, or references). 

 Who should I suggest as reviewers? Do I need to know them in person? Are they restricted to McGill professors? As an author, you have the option of suggesting peer-reviewers for your manuscript. You should suggest professors who are in the same field of research as your work and have the necessary background to judge the contents of your manuscript. Suggested peer-reviewers should not have published with any co-author or any party involved with the submitted work within the last 4 years. Suggested peer-reviewers should not have any personal connection to any party involved with the present work. Peer-reviewers will not be restricted to McGill professors.

What are your article publishing fees? Thanks to the generous support of our donors across the McGill community, we do not charge authors any fees. 

Editor Questions

Who are the editors? Our editorial board is made up of 15-20 undergraduates who manage the yearly preparation and publication of MSURJ. You can find out more about us in our editorial board page. 

What do editors do? Editors are responsible for the preparation of articles and the publicity and management of the MSURJ organisation. The board copy-edits articles, contacts peer reviewers, and communicates with authors. Other tasks are delegated according to portfolios, as detailed here. We also plan various events throughout the year, including our official journal launch in April. 

How do I become an editor? Editor applications are accepted from summer to September each year. We typically try to maintain an editorial board size of 15-20 people each year. In general, we seek candidates with focused ideas, strong communication abilities, high-quality editing skills, and extraordinary enthusiasm for research. Laboratory research experience is appreciated but not a requirement. Students from any undergraduate year are encouraged to apply.