Properties of Accretion Discs Around Black Holes Through Modelling
The painting on the cover, created using mixed media — oil and digital — depicts this journal’s home campus of McGill University at the foot of Montréal’s Mount Royal. The city-scape, illuminated by the blinding accretion disc of a black hole in the night sky, brings these elusive and distant bodies within reach of scientific and creative minds alike.


Black Holes
General Relativity
Accretion Discs

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Tarnopolska, W. (2024). Properties of Accretion Discs Around Black Holes Through Modelling. McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal, 19(1), 13–18.


We examine accretion discs within the context of Einstein's general relativity. We use the metrics corresponding to the four black hole solutions proposed by Einstein, with the Shakura-Sunyaev model of the disc. Starting from the definition of the "no-hair theorem" that a black hole only stores information about three main parameters — mass, angular momentum and charge — we tested the impact of varying these parameters, emphasising the relations between them. Moreover, the research we present here captures and illustrates two pivotal aspects predicted by general relativity: the circular photon ring and the frame-dragging effects of the ergosphere. Our research delves into emissivity profiles, exploring both the well-established lamp post model and the beamed point source model. We reproduced the results from the literature and noted the inconsistencies between the works and our results while also providing an alternative source supporting our results. Altogether, this work presents a comprehensive exploration of accretion disc dynamics around central compact objects within the framework of Einstein's general relativity, shedding light on intricate phenomena that continue to captivate the scientific community.
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