Cinnamomum cassia and Origanum compactum Essential Oils as Antifungal Candidates for the Treatment of Aspergillosis
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Aspergillus oryzae
Origanum compactum
Cinnamomum cassia
Essential oils

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Leclercq, M., Commenge, I., Bouriot, M., Crusset, F., Gonzalez, P., Grimaud, J., Yates, F., Sarfati-Bert, J., & Saint-Pol, A. (2024). Cinnamomum cassia and Origanum compactum Essential Oils as Antifungal Candidates for the Treatment of Aspergillosis. McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal, 19(1), 27–32.


Aspergillosis is a disease that usually affects the respiratory system. While most patients develop mild symptoms, aspergillosis can become a serious health threat in immunocompromised populations and patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions. Aspergillosis is caused by fungi of the Aspergillus genus. Existing treatments include drugs such as azoles, ergosterol interfering agents (Amphotericin B), and echinocandins (Caspofungin), which usually come with various drawbacks. Numerous studies have shown the antifungal properties of certain essential oils (EOs), which represent potential alternative treatments against fungal infections. Here, we screened the antifungal properties of five EOs against Aspergillus oryzae: Melaleuca alternifolia, Mentha x piperita, Thymus zygis, Origanum compactum, and Cinnamomum cassia. Of the five EOs, two demonstrated antifungal activity: Origanum compactum acted as a fungistatic, while Cinnamomum cassia showed both fungistatic and fungicidal effects against A. oryzae. Therefore, both EOs represent potential alternative treatments against Aspergillosis.
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