Submissions for Volume XIX (April 2024) Now Open!

Now that the deadline for publication in Volume XVIII has passed, all submissions submitted now will be considered for publication in next year's Volume XIX. MSURJ gives authors the option of continuous publication ahead of the full issue being compiled, but we will have slightly reduced operations for new submissions until September due to working on Volume XVIII.

We welcome original submissions from undergraduate students studying at any university. We publish research articles and review papers – interest pieces should be directed towards our blog, The Abstract. We always encourage authors to submit articles earlier than the deadline; although it does not directly improve your chances of acceptance, it allows for more time to complete all edits.

All articles are peer-reviewed by two or more professors or graduate students from the relevant field; all pieces also undergo rigorous style and copy-editing by our editorial board. Above all, we seek to publish well-written articles demonstrating scientific acumen as well as accessibility to the general scientific readership. We encourage authors to write engaging manuscripts and limit technical jargon.

Please visit the Author Guidelines for full instructions.

Final deadline for the 2023 issue: January 13, 2023. This deadline is subject to change without notice.